Coast Services operates a skilled workforce, with unrivalled experience and its renowned cost effective solutions to all cleaning situations.

With cradle systems complimenting it’s cleaning services, we offer a comprehensive solution to your complete cleaning process, from equipment maintenance, service, and testing to full cleaning packages.

We are able to tackle difficult cleaning processes (including safe height) utilising Safety Eyebolts, Abseiling Eyebolts, and Safety Line Systems.


To maintain an efficient UK coverage, organisation is key, Coast Services operates a UK presence from a central control Head Office. Our state of the art custom systems allows us to operate and designate our staff throughout the UK at a touch of a button. Documents and information are digitally transferred to and from Head Office control centre to on-site staff instantly.

With a wealth of information and automated systems instantly available to our on-site staff, we maintain and operate at the peak of cost-effective efficiency and quality.

Industrial and commercial specialist cleaning services

Coast Services provides a full range of specialist cleaning services, which include industrial cleaning, factory cleaning, and food premises deep cleaning. We have the capability to service a whole range of sectors and are experienced in delivering commercial cleaning services into challenging environments such as confined space cleaning and high-level cleaning. We are also experienced in the removal of graffiti, marble renovation, and metal often found in historic buildings.

Full details and references are available on request. Just email or call 07899 081 816.