Solar Powered Surveillance

A completely self-contained unit which would combine the elements of both lighting tower and a CCTV security system.

This system is space-saving, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The complete system can be easily trailered to any location and set-up with ease and efficiency, giving the user instant network access to video and alarm detection of unauthorised personnel to restricted locations of their site.

The units consist of powered or pumped masts that have a camera system mounted at the top giving good visibility of the surrounding area.

At the time of the intruder detection activation the Camera is automatically re-directed to the position of the specific detector, as simultaneously an Alarm message is transmitted the Guard Control Centre (or user specific ARC), to alert the operator of an intruder and indicate the area in which this has been detected.

Full details and references are available on request. Just email or call 07899 081 816.