Hi, I’m Haydn Kidd and this is Coast Services.

Do you remember a time when “customer service” didn’t exist, simply because it came natural to offer an upfront and honest service?

A time when you knew your bank manager’s name, and the name of all your suppliers and their families?

Here at Coast Services we don’t understand why this has changed.

Yes everyone is busier and demand for product is higher, but that shouldn’t mean we lose the personal touch.

When was the last time you telephoned a company and were put straight through to the person that could help you?

We know how frustrating it is to be passed from one department to another or worst still have no human contact at all.

I’ve been in business for over 40 years, originally working for a family business with over 100 year’s experience. This has taught me the value of giving one to one service.

We may see the world in lightning speed and technicolour but perhaps it’s time we stepped back and remembered those good old fashioned values.

We can provide you total facilities management. We cover cleaning, security, CCTV, pest control and so much more.

The added benefit to you is that you only have 1 phone number to ring and 1 person to speak to, regardless of the number of services we provide you with.

To me, business is about giving time back to my clients, providing a 24/7 service and letting them know that everything is in had in a professional manner.

I’m the MD and the buck stops with me. If that’s the kind of business partner you’d like to work with please telephone me now on 01482 235 544.

A brief history of Haydn Kidd – MD of Coast Services (UK) Ltd

I have 35 years experience at Executive level in the service sector.

My grandfather started a furniture removals business from horse and cart in 1920.

My father sold this business in 1973 however I started it back up with my brother in 1980 (Kidd’s Removals) – and outright purchased it in 1984 from the company my father sold it to. It is still running today by my other brother Phillip.

I chose the name Coast for this business as it holds strong personal meaning to me, I was born on the coast and our family businesses have always been established there, but also the coast weathers storms, is implacable and often holds a beacon to those who need security in turbulent waters.

That’s what Coast Services offers to their business partners.

My Granddad Tom Kidd far left stood with his men – picture date late 1930’s

My Dads Foreman the lovely Charlie Thompson stood with my Dads van – picture date late 1940’s

My Father, far right, Albert Kidd, and his loyal men – date: early sixties.